PROJECT PROFILE: Aluminium Tectonics

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LOCATION: BCU and West Brom
COLLABORATOR: Ash & Lacy Building System
TYPE: Research and development

Aluminium Tectonics is an ongoing series of project established between the Birmingham School of Architecture and Ash & Lacy Building Systems. Since 2012 a small group of students each year have been able to study real life applications of CAD/CAM techniques and use this as a basis for their own fabrication project in the university workshops. Students are required to investigate the process of product fabrication using aluminium through site visits to Ash & Lacy. This investigation informs students’ working process as they develop a prototype using aluminium sheets using the workshop facilities here at BCU to experiment with the potential of both the material and the available digital fabrication equipment. The final outcomes are a number of prototype cladding elements at full/half scale.

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