Jewellery multiplicity

A collaboration with Birmingham School of Jewellery. Tutors: Maria Sanchez, Lucas Hughes, Sian Hindle

In this project we have been exploring different ways in which Jewellery can be displayed. Breaking away from the traditional jewellery exhibition, we will be using different media to investigate the relationships between jewellery and space beyond the body.

We have been collaborating with students and tutors from Birmingham School of Jewellery in the development of experiential pieces that l bring different disciplines together breaking the boundaries in between them. We have explored scale, and the possibilities that augmented reality opens up in the inhabitation of jewellery pieces and artefacts.

Rasha Shrourou, Emma Trotman, Angelique Edwards, Lowell Shanks (School of Architecture and Design), Tai Teng, Shuyue Zhang (School of Jewellery)
Oscar Law, Dorel Minnis, Thi Tran, Tia Palmer, Vanshika Roy (School of Architecture and Design), Wanshu Li, Zhaohe Wang (School of Jewellery)
Waqaar Zamin, Muhammad Ausajah, Esche Morgan, Haotang Sun, Irina Blazquez, Olajumoke Adebiyi (School of Architecture and Design), Ellina Pollit (School of Jewellery)