Co.Lab The Shape of Touch The Architecture of The Handle

Owen, Tai, Aman, Yiting, Yitian

Site – St James House, 1957 – John HD Madin

Artist – Barbara Hepworth

St James House , 1957

Design Development

Inital ideas of our handle came from the natural and fluid forms of Hepworth sculptures, and the interior door handle of the Boardroom seen in St James House. The crossed strings of the landscape scultpure inspired our design further and is a element we incorporated into the design of the handle. Hepworth explained these strings as the tension she felt between herself and the sea.

This prototype takes its inspiration from a interior doorhandle of St James House. The strings are hepworth inspired and are seen to cross in a similar way to the landscape sculpture. Not very successful due the position of wiring disrupting the hand placement and would possibly be squashed when pushing or pulling the door, causing damage to the form and structure.

Working towards the final handle, we decided on introducing a more fluid form with a thickness to the body, allowing tension to develop.

As a group we found the handle to be ergomoic for different hand sizes. The increased size of the push plate is useful for when pushing the door open. The grain of the wood is seen to compliment the curve of the wood.

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