Dual Works Storefront



Organisation: Dual Works
Location: Jewellery Quarter
Function: Showroom, workshop
Floor Area: 120m2

Dual Works is a design studio and makers workshop in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. They produce a number of home products in their small workshop and fabricate large scale installations and structure. As their business grows, they wanted to convert part of their workshop into a showroom, class space and storefront.

Our design took inspiration from one of their popular light shades. A ply ribbed structure is inserted between the front garage opening and the workshop space behind. It occupies enough floor area to accommodate deskspace, communal bench for classes, display cabinets and plenty of integrated storage.  The structure is layered with fluted translucent panels to act light a lantern and diffuses light further into the deep workshop floor.

The front façade is designed to showcases the self-made products and demonstrates Dual Work’s own fabrication capabilities. It becomes an active frontage to an otherwise quiet residential street with a fun playful addition.

3d model v3

IMG_1047    IMG_1554s

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