Autonomy, Complicity, Ascension | Graphics PDF & Final sharing input

After we tested our initial projections in the shell for the testing process during week 7, as the graphics teams we decided to further allocate roles within the group as to who would produce what piece of work for the final performance design. To expand our approach to sensory design we decided to implement the following into the performance:

We split the group into three segments, so we could ensure that what we had in mind would all be created and thought of.

After allocating roles in the group, we began to create for the purpose of the final performance and the work that we would then share with the other three groups, the ramp team, walls team and fabric team. We thought that it would be easier to share and collaborate with the other teams by creating a PDF document with all of our teams work that we had produced. Once this PDF was produced by Georgia, we shared the file onto OneDrive so that Max and Maria could discuss and see what we had been developing, and so that the other teams could take our work and gather it for their portfolios so it would document the final design development.

So that the rest of the teams could also see our projection mp3 files, we decided to upload all of our video files up onto Behance. We thought that this would be an easy way to share the work and present it.

Sarah Guest | Graphics Team

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