St Edmunds Mentoring: Live Demonstrations

Part 2: Live demonstration- photoshop rendering

Effects of Changes in Built Environment
Emre Suner

To give the students a taster into the outcomes that university expects at degree level, Emre showed the class an informative and insightful clip that he created as part of his last submission. This was based on how the built environments effects us in our daily lives, following with an interview from Mrs L Devi, who explains how classroom arrangement and the way design considerations in a space e.g. choosing green has a psychological effects pupils. The video also covers how a interior painting by James Tissot shows how the individuals fashion always blends in the with era of the space and how if you put a contemporary clothes person into a historic space it looks to of place and stands out. This shows the direct link between Architecture and fashion by both going hand in hand.

Throughout the afternoon session with the year 10’s I wanted to open up their eyes to the secret life of buildings and how they impact our Brain cells without us really being aware on the psychological factors. This video was a useful resource as it links in with meres video of how the world of office buildings shape our performance in the work force and how each member is allocated a work space set up and layout on propose depending on the work they have to take on. Therefore, managers and head of offices have their own room at the far top to show the gap between the workers, with hierarchal status and those with no status and increase productivity therefore lowers disruption levels. This video successfully shows how an open plan workspace affects the amount of work produced in a set time due to noise disruption e.g. colleagues discussing in a meeting.

The Secret Life of Buildings-Work
Wiktoria Glowczewska

Written by Wiktoria Glowczewska- BA Interior Architecture

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