Student Questionnaire Feedback

In order to gain an understanding of the success of the mentoring on students work we asked them to reflect on the mentoring process.

We were particularly interested in asking questions which would allow them to reflect on their own learning, what they found most useful in terms of activity but also why it was engaging.

The instructional method they found most effective and why and what they felt they learnt from the process.

We began by asking multiple choice questions based on teaching approaches, these questions were based on questionnaires we had received throughout our time in higher education.  We also used our literature review on radical pedagogy to also inform questions asked.

Key Questionnaire Feedback

Which presentation/ Activity did you find most informative?

Why were you engaged in that presentation/activity more?

‘Explaining the types of architecture courses they have in their Universities. I learnt that I can include sketches and my product design work into a portfolio that I can take to a job interview. I learnt a lot about how I can still get accepted into University if I show up and show interest. I also learnt that there was a lot more options (course wise) that I didn’t realise there were. ‘

The first lesson when they showed us their work and drawings and gave us information about what they are doing currently at uni. I enjoyed learning more about the subject and what they have been learning.’

The feedback showed that students responded and engaged more  when shown examples of work and concepts and then challenged to incorporate this into their own work.

Do you feel you could relate peer to peer to the mentors?

‘Yes. I gained a lot of advice and information from the peers on things I could include in my work’

What other instructional methods (e.g.. group activity, student presentations) would you appreciate being used?

Most students responded wanting a group activity or presentation crit on their own work in groups, we facilitated an informal group based crit of their coursework. However we found it difficult to incorporated  group activity into the students course work and timetable.

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