Session 3: Photoshop and Sketchup Tutorials



Before the session a tutorial of basic Sketchup views was set up, and Photoshop rendering of building views.

This presentation was designed to be followed by the students with their own projects.

Taking a key sketchup view exporting this and adding texture and people into a render scene.

The students worked through this tutorial alongside the presentation.

We made this presentation available to the students to read and attempt before the next session so that they could be prepared to then tackle more difficult Photoshop tasks in the session when we could offer more support.

This is a similar technique to that used in Flip your classroom: Reach every student in every class every day Bergmann. and Sams 2014, here a simple model of the ‘flipped classroom’ technique results in students watching lectures at home and completing homework like tasks in lessons where they can apply what they learnt with tutors present to aid their learning. Here we implemented this in making lectures available to students ahead of sessions so we could then respond and further learning in class..

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