We presented our current design proposal in its early stages of development to the client and tutors. The presentation explored in-depth site analysis and the key stages of our development exploring research into materials and timber frame construction and low impact design. There were two key designs which we need to explore further and analyse how they would function in the site, these include the possibility of four 2-bedroom houses, or the arrangement of having three 2-bedroom houses. A key feature which we want to include in the design is allowing flexibility so that the design can be adaptable in the future.

From feedback from the client, we now need to produce a final design proposal and analyse the benefits and disadvantages of each possible proposal in order to convince the client of the choices for the final design.

Overall, the client was impressed with our in-depth site analysis which included analysis of local security and signage, and our idea of using some of the materials from the library which will be destroyed. However, we will need to breakdown the analysis of the library in order to understand and analyse which materials can be used in our design.

We also discussed developing a new process for self built homes in which the community can be taught through workshops how to construct their timber frame home. Another point taken from the review is we need to figure out how we will present the process for assembling, this involves and X amount of time, X amount of workshops, X amount of people and consultants. In order to present this constructions process we will need to work on presenting simple diagrams so that they are easily understandable.

From this point we need to all work together as one group in order to produce the final design proposal as before we worked in smaller groups focusing on different aspects of the design.

Written by: Harpinder Kaur Sihra

Date: 13/03/19

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