The proposed project site contains a disused library and faces a small lawn. St Edburg’s church is shown in the distance.

During the talks with the Cherwell District Council, we were given a brief to design three affordable housing units that are self-build and meet Passivhaus standards. This was shortly followed by a site visit to the proposed project site located south of Bicester city centre. The site is currently owned by the council. Set within a residential area, the site has a disused library which faces onto an enclosed lawn. There is a small footpath which is regular used by people to travel between Bicester city centre and Bicester market. From our initial observations, the housing vary in terms of appearance utilising a range of materials. The most notable features are the dovecote which is a Grade II listed building and the St Edburg’s church to the north.


The Grade II listed dovecote

The site visit gave us a chance to study the local context of the site and the surrounding housing. Following this, we will utilise the information gathered from site to inform the project design.

Written by: Byron Chan, MArch Architecture

Date: 06/02/19

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