Keeley Travel – Group 3

This week we began by interpreting the text we have produced for our booklet into Trump style language. This involved looking into some of the repetitive and common words he uses by watching various speeches given by him as well as looking through his tweets and taking his grammatical style and directions for his responses to topics.

We looked to portray how he often avoids giving hard facts and his obvious lack of understanding for many of the subjects he addresses within our booklet. For example, he often says why something is great without explaining why it is great.

We also realised his self indulgence in many of the topics he addresses weather they involve him or not. For example, making topics or situations about him, his feelings and emphasising that you should agree with him. Repetitive use of ‘I’ throughout the text.

It was important to iterate Trump’s general lack if knowledge or interest in Birmingham through deliberately provoking the idea that many of the places he talks about he has never seen or visited. Language such as “they tell me” is appropriate for delivering this idea as it is common language for his character whilst showing that the topic he is covering has been informed by others.

This also applied to some of the images that follow the text for which we edited some of the places in Birmingham to include Trump such as him walking through the Custard Factory. We deliberately made these images look fake where the reader can clearly see that Trump has not actually been photographed at these places to reinforce his lack of understanding and experience of Birmingham. Creates the idea that he is not qualified to talk about the topics covered but he would still believe he is.

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