Innovative Urban Lighting: Group 3 Week eight

Prior to the model making process we did a Sketch-up model of how the final prototype would look like and made some decisions on how are we actually going to make it.

This is an exploded axon of the final prototype

exploded axonexploded axon 2

The main structure consists of 3x15mm plywood ribs which are held into place by 4x15mm plywood slats which are screwed to the ribs. On each side, there are 3 layers of 1.5 mm aeroply. On the interior side, the first layer of ply is perforated so it would incorporate the LED lights. The layer on top of the perforated ply would be a 3mm clear acrylic surrounded but 2 other layers of aeroply that would level up the surface. In the process of making the model we used nail to fix the first two layers of ply and the top one has been glued down to the other two so we would get a nice smooth finish.



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