[EDIT/or] Choice of Wixsite

Amongst our group discussions a choice on whether or not to use the current website builder was in question. We were hoping to explore different website builder options for the online platform of the conference, however due to the time-scale of the live project, we narrowed the choices to two website builders. WordPress, of which the original site uses and Wix, a new highly popular website developer programme.

A number of members of the Edit/or team have experience with using the website builders from previous work placements or from the earlier Superstudio Assignment of the Management Practice and Law Module. Pros and Cons were outweighed between the two builders and ultimately the “convenience with built-in DIY for website owners and versatility” aspect of Wix is what lead to our final choice.

Trial runs were done on the website builder by two team members, testing its flexibility and we concluded on the fact that Wix’s backend and overall design are functional at the core, and it is a simple and fairly intuitive website builder to use. The website builder offers guidelines that help with your design aspirations and possible navigation routes through the various pages one might have in a website.

Lydia Muadinohamba

Edit/or – Editorial Team

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