Innovative Urban Lighting – Group 1 | Week 10 | Final Model

Following the construction of the first mock-up model of the final product, we took it to the site to observe its visuals in that environment. We realised the wood needs to be darker to match the colours of the canals. This was carried out in the final model.

Once the final model was finished with the varnish that we added to make it match the context, we went to the site again and took photographs of it being tested both in the daytime and in the dark with some lights in to see what the final product would look like in real life.


For the final model we decided that to make it more relatable to the site, the wooden structure needed to be thicker and darker. This would reference the thick dark wooden structures found with the canal locks and the posts around the site. The added thickness was created by adding an extra layer of 6mm mdf, double the previous model. By doing this, the model became structurally more rigid, adding to the sturdy look wanted to avoid vandalism, as well fitting into its environment.




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