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We have concluded that Birmingham is always in the run to redevelop itself by demolishing buildings and replacing them with new ones. We believe that maybe the buildings that were demolished had more identity and served Birmingham with more beauty. For this reason that we decided our main objective for this project is to somehow reorganise Birmingham in our own messy perception through time. So, our guide is a route through Birmingham at different eras in time. The route is a loop that goes through Bullring, new street, Victoria Square, Chamberlain Square, Paradise Forum, Colmore Row, Snowhill then back to Bullring again. Therefore one doesn’t necessarily have to start at a certain point, the loop eventually guides the user to their ending point, without a sense of permanent or obvious directions. We have decided to design our route in this manner in order to represent the messiness of Birmingham. The tour guide consists of three routes, each route goes through different time periods being 1950s, 1980s, and the present, thus each era is dedicated to a different place. For Example the first route exhibits Bullring in 1950s, New Street in the present date, Paradise Forum in 1980s and Snowhill in the present date 2018. This journey through time doesn’t not state any dates to the users therefore leaving a sense of confusion and uncertainty, which responds to our main objective of this project.

Our visual tool is a set of images of the selected sites from different time periods but taken from the same or similar angle. This way it becomes difficult to distinguish the time period in which they have been set to. Finally we have decided to edit the images in Black and White to create a sense of unity for the timeline especially from a distance where all images may appear to belong to one time period.

Nadia Ouahabi (group2)

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