[EDIT/or] Individual Reflection

Edit/or was my first choice for the Co.LAB module amongst the many other Co.LAB groups introduced in the unit. What struck me most to choose this module was that I was hoping to gain knowledge in different ways on how ideas are shared and expressed through writing and in other forms that I don’t usually get to experience at the design studio.

Through the tasks we were assigned, I learned about the conference, Architecture, Festival and the City and the many processes that take place to keep the idea of conference alive throughout. The tasks involved a lot of reading of the abstracts of papers submitted, research on the speakers to understand the themes of the conference and to execute the tasks accordingly. The opportunity to be involved in the entire process from preparing interview questions for the keynote speakers of the conference, to editing the interview was a great learning experience. In addition to understanding the relationship between the urban environment and other disciplines such as dance, performance, and festival, I also gained experience in how to frame interview questions better to get the most successful answers from an interviewee. The whole process would be very useful in other modules in the course such as dissertation / special study in executing interviews and editing them as part of my research methodology. In addition to the interviews, the last task of designing an illustration for the papers submitted was very interesting as it involved reading about different perspectives on festivals, urban and built environment, and to analyze and combine all these ideas into a single illustration.

Overall, in my opinion we had a good amount of work compared to the number of members in the group. However, as a group we managed to execute all the tasks quite successfully, by effective organizing of the tasks depending on individual skill and interest. Working with tutors as clients, through meetings and written email communications provided a useful insight on how to professionally engage with real-world clients in the work environment.

Fathmath Ihudha Amir
Edit/or – Editorial Team

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