Brick Design & Modelling – Group C

After conducting our precedent studies, we split as a group in order to produce three brick designs, each aiming to create a design both aesthetically and structurally different.


Above, you will see my three brick designs, named ‘The Wave’, ‘The Razor’ and ‘The Jagged Brick’.

‘The Wave’ was was created in ordered to created a flowing facade, intended to create a more inviting and free facade to a building, while remaining structurally integral. This brick would be laid in a quarter stretcher bond, so the flowing form moves diagonally up the facade, creating a ocean wave like effect.

‘The Razor’ was created to contrast with ‘The Wave’, creating a more distinguishable, sharp facade. This brick would be laid in a common stretcher bond, with alternating courses, allowing the sharp points to alternate vertically up the facade of the building.

‘The Jagged Brick’ Was created, like ‘The Razor’, in order to create a distinguishable facade, that appears both sharp and uniform due to it’s even design. This brick would also be laid in a stretcher bond, to insure that the design moves as one form along the facade, both vertically and horizontally. However, after much consideration, I decided that this brick would be a hazard to use at ground height, due to it’s sharp, pointed edges.


Written by: Joshua Bright – Group C

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