100 Stories – Jewellery Quarter

The theme that we looked at is the working life in the Jewellery Quarter. As a group, we explored many ways to understand how we can make a start with this project. We explored different exhibitions which we used as inspiration to create our concept models. We learned that different types of jewellery can be displayed in many ways, then we explored how to make this more attractive to people. As a group, we decided to go to the Jewellery Quarter to find out how it may feel to work in that conditions. This was a dark, constrained, narrow interior which was not the best place to be working, compared to an open space with lots of light that comes through. We planned to create something which compliments both the jewellery, its surroundings and represent the working life in the jewellery quarter.

This image shows the interior working space in the Jewellery Quarter. The room was Dark and narrow, which would be hard to be working in. They have minimal space to move around and can be suffocating. This all made us think about how hard this delicate process would have been for the workers.



The Working Space Of The Jewellery Quarter


There were many ideas given by each person in our group, planning our next step for this project. Visualising and experimenting with different ideas, to then think about which one would be the best idea to move forward.


This image was the time when we all had a meeting, experimenting with ideas which would be suitable for our design. The good chemistry of communication made it easier for the group to analyse which style of design we should approach.


We all have so many ideas coming through, but we needed to see the site. To find out if it would be suitable for our ideas and connects with the plan to be displayed. we wanted to experience the feel of the area, the atmosphere and the space that we could explore more on. (BMAG: The Industrial Gallery)

We then as a group decided to create the model of the BMAG Industrial Gallery. This made it more clear to what we want inside the space and gave us the feel of the measurements of the space.


BMAG – Industrial Gallery


As a group, we then decided for the final outcome to place pods, We took the inspiration from a dark and gloomy life of a jeweller which lead to our concepts. We had to develop our ideas and create a pod using our imagination. We all enjoyed making our own models, seeing which might work and look at what else that could be improved. We also thought about what we can combine to minimise our ideas, which would be more efficient with our design.


We then decided to create a plan of circulation inside the site. This is because we feel that it will help us understand and the others to where people can go through.


We then decided to stick with one pod design and place three pods instead of five, which will complement the whole concept idea. We feel like this will be more ideal and practical.



To finalise our design, we made a final model of our pod which looks attractive and practical. The different types of jewellery would be placed inside the pods, which will compliment each other and also bring the dark and gloomy atmosphere. This will allow people to feel and experience in a life of a jeweller.


These are our final three pods rendered for the interior of the pods.




These pods will be then placed in the exhibition which will allow the users to go through and understand the beginning and the outcome of the process of our idea making the jewellery.

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