Innovative Urban Lighting Week 3 Group 4 – Urban Strategy

During this week I come with three options for the public realm strategy providing one option with a link bridge to the other side of the canal. At this stage we was still figuring out the the user and usage for the concept.


The sketch was our main concept idea which demonstrates the area we decided to develop in (yellow). This area of the canal was spacious and great connection with Curzon as there was a existing path to consider. We wanted to engage the existing landscape and lighting from the surrounding building to interacting with the concept.  We to create a place for people to site and stop  by creating a structure that light up and reflected on to the water during the night.


Visual Permeability Pavilion

timthumb (1).jpg


The precedent was used to influence our concept design in terms of structure and materiality and how it is assembled together.


Mohammed Shaed –

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