Co.lab Interim Review – 21st February 2018

Team ATeam BBoth TeamsJoint


Both Team A and Team B presented to the client, Woodrush High School and it was decided that the client had liked Team A’s design and Team B’s pocket spaces.

It was decided that both teams would be combined into one and to work together as one group to deliver the final presentation at Woodrush High School on the 12th March 2018 at 3PM.

The above images show Team A and then Team B presenting and then both teams having a discussion with Faye Parker, the Business Director, Kaye Parker, the Youth Leader, and two people from the Youth and Managment Team at the school.

We then went away and worked on the costings and changes to the existing design for Team A combining with Team B’s pocket spaces.


  • By Sujana Uddin
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