[Edit/or] Website Content Development

Following discussions on the brief with the client for the new website, along with the choice of a website builder. Our objectives were to create a clear, informative and interactive website – building on the theme and festive nature of the conference. 
A minimal style with clear navigation was to be implemented, with a focus on the visual content of the conference. Additionally we proposed to set up a blog link with the research group and social media accounts.

One of the challenges of starting the website was to clearly present the large set of information in a summarized and clear way for website visitors. A single document was compiled, with all the necessary content needed for publishing, with a total word count of approximately 4500 words. The content was searched for through an extensive drive of over 140 documents submitted for the conference. The content was then divided into possible “page” categories and sections for an easier upload onto the website builder.

Lydia Muadinohamba

Edit/or – Editorial Team

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