Future Workspace Group C’s Progression

Project Review

Future Workspace CoLAb Project have been very active with understanding what collaboration means and how it affects us as human beings. Our group started to learn how to represent our designs to match with our decided ideal of what a collaborative space is to us; Social Integration. Here is our progression that we done from the start of the project to the Interim:-

We as a group starting to look into what collaborative workspaces is by investigating examples of this to fully understand what we can start to design. We had a week to come up with everything for a small concept/research presentation.

Here are some books that we used to look into what workspaces are and what designs we can be inspired to do or create:-

  • Littlefield, D (2009) Good Office Design. London: RIBA Publishing.
  • Pile, J (1978) Open Office Planning. London: The Architectural Press Ltd.
  • Myerson, J & Turner, G (1998) New Workspace, New Culture: Office design as a catalyst for change. Hampshire: Gower Publishing Limited.
  • Schulz, A (2009) Work!: Best of Office Design. Unknown Location: Braun Publishing AG (Issues with researching the location of the book)

Here is each members work that they have done for the entire CoLab Project and what they have done to achieve our ending results!

Work Produced by Rebecca Mae Dilger –

Image 1 – Started to look into room measurement and how to arrange our space for the project. This involved calculating the measurement of 200m2 and working out how much space we can work with.

Floorplan Measurements Ideas.jpg

Image 2 – Played around with the design of how to divide the space and what kind of furniture design can be created from the choices of the interior. Also looked into clever ways of creating enclosed or open spaces for people to interact with and be used for what style of socialisation they need.

Interior & Space Arrangement Ideas

Image 3 – Started to look into solar power for the site. Although this is more architectural, it is helpful to know where windows and lighting will need to be as the aim is to use both natural and artificial lighting.

Solar panels on site sketch

Work Produced by Lydia Moore –

Image 1 – I drew this when thinking of what the interior of a ‘typical’ breakout area would look like. This is ideal for individuals who need to have time away from the desk or to catch up with other colleagues.

Image 2 – I was inspired to draw a visual such as this because I thought it was clever how the seating area looked like a pod. I thought this would be very useful for semi – private meetings- such as team meetings. It would also be a good place if individuals had to catch up with any emails or phone calls.



Image 3 – I sketched the interior of Wells Farm – I thought that the beams and structures were a significant part of the site.

new site design visual - lydia.jpg

Image 4 – I focused on the visuals for our project. The image below is a rendering that I photoshopped to show the space and the picked materiality for the design & for our project.

new site design with material - lydia.png

Work Produced by Anjuma Begum –


Research done on what the client liked – rustic interior, raw materials & welcoming environment/ atmosphere.




Some of the main materials we wanted to include is wood and metal so co-workers can connect physically with nature.  A good co-working space does not mean that it has to always be designed to be very minimalistic, there should be variations in the design so co-workers do not feel bored. Having some tables and chairs made from wood will further clarify the natural ambience of the workspace.

Mood board


Neighbourhoods within the workspace


Open meeting spaces






spatial planning






0001 2

Section A-A

0002 2

Section B-B

0003 2


Rendered visuals – without furniture

0014.jpg  0017.jpg0015.jpg


0018-e1521418707569.jpg  0020

Visuals – rendered with furniture

Untitled 2018-03-17 22253900000.png

furniture in



Work Produced by Kyriakos P Sergi –

Sketches of furniture design ideas – connectable and flexible designs to be used to create any needed space with height and way of arrangement –


Chosen desk design sketch with photos of the model –


Rendered sketch of the furniture design and a picture of the rendered site with the designed rendered furniture within –


Technical Drawing – Desk & Coffee Table

bar height desk(slim) - kyriakoscoffee table- lounge - kyriakos

Work Produced by Angelo David Di Francesco –

Workspace booth designs – Creating a social integration booth that allows people to come together within a small space with a table in the middle to allow projects or communication to take affect.


Technical Drawing – Booth


Presentation Boards – Shows the design of the space with the designed furniture and the chosen materiality.


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