WEEK 6 // Bhm Mod Soc Map


As a sub group (the map designers) we have decided to each design a map in different orientations. Having 4 of us in the group we had 2 of each orientation (landscape and portrait). After presenting our 4 versions of the map we got our feedback which was really useful.

  • Some good aesthetic map designs
  • The map at the front still resembles a normal map and needs to have a more focused subject e.g walking and bus routes etc
  • Used the font given to us; Neue Grotesk
  • good database on each of the buildings within and the outskirts of Birmingham

IMG_1442.JPGIMG_1443.JPG(map 1- landscape) ^

IMG_1446.JPGIMG_1447.JPG(map 2- landscape)^

IMG_1440.JPGIMG_1441.JPG(map 3- portrait)^

IMG_1438.JPGIMG_1439.JPG(map 4- portrait)^


Sanmar Aungon- Level 5 Architecture



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