week 2

On week two we walked around Birmingham and discovered new and interesting places. We started with digbeth walked through the city centre and the canal and we finished the journey at the mailbox.
Even though the group was mainly formed by people who lived in Birmingham for their entire life they still discovered new interesting places.
Our start point digbeth is a very industrial area but most of the buildings are abandoned and artists took over them painting the walls, changing their aspect from ruins to artworks.
Because of It’s industrial history digbeth is almost empty like a city desert.
Because of this it creates a feeling that you don’t belong. That you are not safe. I think this is a huge problem that stops people from visiting this district.
When we reached st Martin square I noticed that this church and the mall act like a barrier between the old and new, the places everyone visits and the places no one wants to see.
The architecture of the bull ring is transporting you to the new city. To the Birmingham known by tourists
It creates a new environment that transport you to the future. It’s almost like a wall and once you climbed it you don’t want to ever go back.
The city centre is very interesting not only by the fact that is different in architecture but the people. After the “wall” created by the bull ring the number of people increases. From being used to see 2 or 3 people in the street to trying to avoid to not hit someone is a big step. It creates a new atmosphere and you can finally feel the city life.



When we got to the canals another thing caught my eyes. Even though here I have seen some if the oldest buildings in our walk only young people can be find here. The contrast is created by the way the buildings are used. All of them are mostly pubs where usually the young generation like to stay. Because if this the canals are a place of contrast.

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