Keeley Travel, Group 3, Week 4

First Group Discussion

Monday 5th February 2018


This week we were allocated into groups, made up of 2 March and 2 BA students, we came together in these groups to discuss our ideas and interpretations. The core of the discussion was establishing a ‘site’ to focus on and start to think about how we will be presenting our ideas in the form of a publication.



  • The Forgotten spaces of Birmingham
  • Historic importance of the site (imagery, maps, myths, people, local knowledge etc.)
  • Locations from the walk, broken down into 8 key locations/ destinations:
  1. New Street/ Grand Central
  1. Paradise Circus / Library
  1. Bullring/ St Martin’s Church
  1. Millennium Point/ Curzon Street Station
  1. St Paul’s Square/ Jewellery Quarter/ Gun Quarter
  1. China Town/ Gay Quarter
  1. Digbeth
  1. Pigeon Park’ – a.k.a. St Philip’s Cathedral



  • Fake news/ urban myths
  • Blending true and false images/info of Birmingham to fill in gaps in historic info
  • Portraying Birmingham better than reality
  • Brummie/ Black country accent used descriptively
  • Local names/ interpretation


Presentation/ publication

  • Translated text. Plain English/ Black Country
  • Layering information/ images to represent their chronological order
  • Using images from different cities, but describing Birmingham
  • Positive portrayal of Birmingham showing aspects we are proud of and changing/ falsely interpreting aspects we are not (hyperreality)


We have now se up several communication streams to aid us in our group work. These include: WhatsApp for communication, Pinterest board to record images, Facebook to post links and other information, OneDrive to save/ share group documents and files. We have agreed to meet prior to the next session to run through a PowerPoint we will be putting together remotely, this will be presented to the rest of the CoLab group next week.


Minutes by Dan Gibbons


Group 3 – Jack, Holly, Dan, Ningjing

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