Session 2

Can listed buildings be delisted?


The secretary of state can only take into account the historical and architectural points into account when considering to delist a building. The historical interest must illustrate a nations social, economic, cultural or military history at a certain point in time. They can also have historical association with important people. Or finally the history of the particular fabric could be something that is no longer of interest to keep a building on the list.

On top of that the secretary of state looks into the architectural interest of the building, such as the importance of the design such as decoration or craftsmanship. Or it could be the buildings innovation or virtuosity.

However it is unlikely for this to happen due to the rigorous tests to get the buildings on the lists to begin with therefore unless a disaster such as fire destroys the building or the lack of interest that was before why it got listed.


These buildings in Portaferry are an example of some delisted buildings that were seen to have lost their interest. They were deemed to have no architectural interest and changes such as plastic doors and window frames strengthened their argument.  This shows that it is not unseen of for buildings to loose their listed status. delisted

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