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Historic England

Who are Historic England?

Historic England are a public body that give advice to help people protect and preserve the Historic Environment through the use of grants and planning services generally. Historic England also has an extensive archive which enables the user to find out about the history of their home, local areas and research individual buildings/ sites/ landscapes as well as this HE offer educational services to teach relevant skills of preservation. – HE Archive

What Type of Buildings?

HE extend their services to an extensive collection of types which include:

  • Agricultural
  • Commemorative
  • Commerce
  • Culture
  • Houses (vernacular, town, suburb, country, modern)
  • Education
  • Garden and Park
  • Health + Welfare
  • Industrial
  • Law + Government/ Civic + Public
  • Maritime + Naval
  • Military
  • Sports + Recreation
  • Street Furniture
  • Transport + Infrastructure – HE listing types

What is the oldest listed building?

Saltford Manor


Grade II*


What is the youngest listed building?

British Library


Grade I


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