At the start of the session we explored key terms that are related to listed buildings, these terms were divided amongst the group. Group 3 looked into the ‘classifications’ and the removal of listed buildings – ‘can listed buildings be delisted?’ and ‘demolishing listed buildings’.


My main contribution was the ‘classification’ of listed buildings. I identified three categories:

  • Grade II – “Special interest”
  • Grade II* – “Particularly important”
  • Grade I – “Exceptional interest”

This link provides further information regarding the principles of selection for each of the grades:

A less known category is ‘Local listings’.  These are building which define a sense of local character and are often used by planning authorities to examine planning applications. Throughout the discussion, we made reference to buildings around Birmingham which raised the discussion of how we could highlight or differentiate the listed buildings in the BHX MOD SOC MAP.

Later in the session we began to re-create the templates for existing maps/ documents using InDesign. The template below was for the Manchester Metro Modern map, created by Group 3.


20180208_102924Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 16.31.12


































Sarah Abuzeid

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