Brick Group B – Week 2

Date: 15/01/2018

The Brick Project – Group B

During this group session we reflected on our assigned individual research that was undertaken from our last meet on 12/01/2017 (See previous individual posts).
We planned and assessed the time scale of the project, managing each group member’s busy schedules and producing a time table of our expectations.
(See attached photos)


Through further research and visits to the university ceramics studio we have also allotted for the two week process of making each brick, which includes the time required for mould making, throwing, drying, and firing.27017381_1237543679723452_2097130312_o

For our next session we plan to produce several experimental sketches / 3d models / ready for 22/01/2018, where we will be creating these designs with blue foam blocks.

Group Entry – written by Scott Addison

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