Keeley Travels – Week 1

Colab Walk 1Colab Walk 2


To begin the CoLab project we were tasked to record a walk in any way we wished. The walk I decided to document was my walk from the train station to work. I chose this walk as I do it day in day out and wanted to see if I would experience something different if I actually paid attention rather than plugging in my headphone and being in my own little world.

The first thing that stood out to me whilst I was taking in my journey were the people around me. Just like myself on any other day of the week they were also in their own little bubble paying no attention to the world or anyone around them.

The second thing I noticed was the amount of construction taking place around me even though my walk was relatively short. It would be possible to guide someone through my route using the building site as a way finding tool. This could be said for many parts of Birmingham at the moment.

Sarah Ives

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