DEWAT design

The design of the de-centralized waste system focusses on an adaptable strategy that can be adopted anywhere. In our technical work on DEWAT systems we found a gravity cycle that treats every stage of the waste cycle through gravity. This strategy can be implemented in a lot of locations in the Sichuan province of China.

We’ve chosen two villages near the city of Ziyang, Shishi town, to test design the system and see how it would work on a site. The villages are separated by a valley which will allow us to design in the stages of waste from the septic tank to the reed bed using gravity. The villages are small with both having around fifty houses.

The site for the north village overlooks the valley and is where we’re designing the test toilet block. The overall mass is broken down into compartments, each with six cubicles and a central area for washing, making a total of 24 toilets. The design follows the curve of the road, with a covered walkway to address the levels of site and also for meeting space. The roadside elevation is blank to address security. The remaining space needs to be developed but could incorporate some of the themes we picked up previously, kitchen or community space.

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