Andreas Angelidakis “Record the experience of experiencing the object.”

‘A World of Fragile Parts’ | Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

As part of Modern Gazettee module, we were asked to think through what it means to copy an original object and transfer it into digital form through 3D scanning and what experiences/possibilities could be facilitated by producing digital information and how this information could be experienced.


Image above, (“V&A’s ‘a world of fragile parts’ at venice architecture biennale,” 2016). How do we as a digital generation of people(s) “Record the experience of experiencing the object” (Angelidakis,n.d.) and when recording this information does it become diluted as a result of this transmission of knowledge? Can digital reproduction of a physical object have the same impact on people, as the original?

In the document of ‘a world of fragile parts’ by Andreas Angelidakis, outlines “My favourite method of reproduction doesn’t exist yet. It would be some sort of video 3D scan, a scan that not only records the object, but also the movement in the object. It would record the experience of experiencing the object. I can’t wait for the entire world to be 3D video scanned, so I can walk Google 3D building view as if it were a real moment to be experienced.” ‘A World of Fragile Parts’ | Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

One could argue the duplication of objects, can dilute the experience of the intended purpose of the original object. How do we as a digital generation of people(s) identify what the keep and let go. Is there a need to reproduce and duplicate the past through digital medium, just because we can?

 “If we view the history of architecture as a history of copying (where Romans copied Greeks, the Renaissance copied both and so on) – a history of remaking the past in order to invent the future – then we find ourselves in exciting time”(“Sam Jacob | The Culture of Copying – Crafts Council,” n.d.)

The meaning of experiencing objects, and what it would be to experience objects is a complex one, and the work that we produced this year as part of the module ‘expanded city’ only promotes further dilemmas/questions.  Angelidaks dreams of a world that all information can be sheared and experienced. The is it necessary to experience all objects, and if we could in the future, would the duplication of objects crate an awareness or recording help us crate better objects.

Sean O’S

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