Canal Poem

That night the night sang

My steps are slow and careful as my confidence trails behind,

The hairs on my arms strengthen, as does the fear, the panic

Does not enter my body but rather penetrates, poisons my mind,

The air is harsh on my neck and my walking is almost mechanic

The path I walk along is narrow and uncertain, an invisible barrier seperates

Me from the ripples in the water, the circled droplets multiply before my eyes,

My heart beat fluctuates and the darkness surrounds and suffocates,

I look up and see nothing, I am blinded by the concrete and brick skies

I feel the night’s cold breath on my face as I exit the tunnel,

The wind calmly sings to me, it is a lullaby I’m sure,

Hush little baby, it whispers, for life is so far from dull,

You cannot always be brave, sometimes fear, we must endure.

By Ella Parchment

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