Making Objects

In reflection of the work that’s done to date, regarding the expanded city, and the work completed. I would suggest that the city is a collection of objects, which enrich the environment, and throughout history the collections of objects are being removed, and replaced by new ones.  And as a way of understanding these objects, and as a group of students, we set out way of recording this information, through photography, 3D digital models and making physical objects of the expanded city.

One of the buildings that we researched was the John Madin’s post and mail building, we decided as a group to replicate this building. It would be suggested by Sam Jacob that “through repetition the act of making becomes mastered and craft elevates itself. Or as in traditions of Beaux Arts education, where a student’s ability to faithfully reproduce was prized. Replication here acts as a form of knowledge transmission.” (“Sam Jacob | The Culture of Copying – Crafts Council,” n.d.). It is through the act of making and duplication, that the existing object can be fully understood. Too quickly in these modern times, we hit the delete button without considering what these objects can add to our future as well as our past. The work that has been carried out, is a way of archiving these rich objects.

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Sean O’Sullivan

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