Knowledge Exchange -An Evaluation of an Paul Robinson Partnership Against the RIBA Benchmark by Damion Allport MArch pt 2

As part of the Co.Lab workshop Knowledge Exchange the concept was to look into relating the project to the company that I work for Paul Robinson Partnership and originally the idea was to look at the marketing of the company as they have been rooted within the area for the last 40 years, however, were struggling to secure new clients as well as bigger and more prestigious projects.

Through initial discussions on the way that the project should move forward it was decided an evaluation of the practice in comparison to other practices in the UK and the local region to review the position of the company prior to looking at the company’s marketing strategy.

As such, the proposal for the project is to move forward with a report on the company that would then highlight potential issues affecting the company, or even opportunities that the company is overlooking which can then be handed over to the partners at Paul Robinson Partnership for review.

Damion Allport MArch pt yr 2

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