Good | bad aspects of transit spaces

There are so many things going on such a new station as Grand Central. One of the things that grabbed our attention was the way the people use to stand all over the space, with no order, distracting the movement of the rest of the people, who probably use this station only as a shortcut to get from one side of the building to another part of it. Another interesting thing was the fact that people, who are waiting for their train, prefer sitting around the columns around the station, rather than using the free seating provided. The images below
describe the situation.


We spent the first week looking at alternatives that Grand Central could offer. As a group, we continued the research, by looking in general, what could be the good and the bad aspects
of a design. To show that, we drew the diagram shown as below.


Group work by:

Asose Salih

Jeyani James

Juliana Lalaj

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