Hand Thrown Brick – Demonstration

Session: 19th January 17

Session Overview

The session started with a demonstration on brick throwing from Andy, a master’s student who did a vast study on brick including several exchanges with ibstock. He took us through a step by step guide of the complete process. Below is a break down of the full process with some images of some of the steps.

Having watched the demonstration, the opportunity was given for anyone who wanted to attempt the procedure under the guidance of Andy.


What is required:

Wet Clay




Brick Mould

Bow String Jig

Wooden Pallet Board





  1. The first step is to prepare the mould. Ensure the mould is clamped onto the worktop.
  2. Use a brush to wet the inside of the mould before sanding it thoroughly.
  3. Sand the surface on worktop

(Steps 1 – 3) to ensure the clay doesn’t stick the surface.

  1. Collect clay for base – (cup hands and pull down)
  2. Collect clay – (cup hands and pull down)
  3. Shape – (avoid using fingers to indent clay)
  4. Roll it up together & pull towards you (cover all sides)
  5. Turn 90’ & shape the clay in order to fill mould
  6. Slap the left hand side of the clay.
  7. Throw the clay into the mould
  8. Ensure the clay has filled mould
  9. Cut of all excess clay from the top using bow string jig
  10. Sand re-sand work top – before putting left over clay to form base of next brick
  11. Place mould on its side – before placing wooden plate on indented side.
  12. Tap the corners of the mould to release clay brick onto plate then place on the side to dry.




Things to remember

Shrinkage – It is important to remember the brick will shrink by approximately 10% during the drying process, therefore this should be taken into account when making the mould.

Materiality and environment – the quality of material and environment great effect on:

  1. How quickly and easy the above process can be
  2. The outcome after drying

E.g. the viscosity of the clay dictates how easy and malleable the above process and also increasing or decreasing the time it would take to make it.




Group Members:  Greg, Kyle, Paula, Simon & Tapi

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