Animal Stories – Analysis of Room

Colour & Materialscolour

After taking a tour of the gallery we began to analyse our designated room to display our exhibition. Our analysis highlights the simple use of materials within the space. The light coloured flooring and the white painted walls are broken up by a dark, varnished, timber border around the bottom of the room and the darker ceiling. This is creating a barrier which encourages the viewers focus onto the brighter, white walls. The most distinguishing features of the room are the marble doorways and the grid structured ceiling.



Circulation Diagrams

This movement diagram shows how people move through the gallery as well as where most activity happens within the gallery.


This diagrams the movement that people made within the room, where they walked, and which exhibits people tended to be drawn towards. This analysis highlighted that a lot of people only walk through this space with approximately half of the circulation through do not venture deeply into the room.



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