Week 1: An introduction to hand-thrown bricks

In this session, we were shown the process of hand throwing bricks.

Tools & Materials:

  • Wet Clay
  • Sand
  • Brick Mould
  • Water
  • Pallet board
  • Metal Bow
  • Kiln


  1. Firstly, prepare the mold (wooden.) This should be made to standard size of a brick. Secure the mold with clamps onto the worktop.
  2. With a brush, wet the inside of the mold thoroughly and dust with sand.
  3. Sand the worktop and prepare the clay. dig the required amount of clay and flatten to the size of a normal brick.
  4. Then, place more clay into the centre of the existing clay. Place the palms of your hands on each side of the clay (in the centre), putting pressure downwards.
  5. Keeping your hands in place, tilt your hands forward and back.
  6. Place hands flat under the sides of the clay (to not make imprints into the clay) and lift the clay upwards.
  7. Wrap the two folds of clay around the centre.
  8. Turn the clay 90 degrees to the right and flip on its head so all sides are covered in sand
  9. With your left hand, give a sharp blow to the left hand side of the brick (this makes sure that the brick fits nicely into the mold.
  10. Lift the brick to eye level and drop into the mould.
  11. Using a metal bow, scrape any residual clay off the top
  12. Sand the worktop again and play the residual clay onto the worktop (which will be used as the base of the next brick)
  13. Lift the mold up and hit the corners on the side of the worktop to loosen up the brick from the mold.
  14. Place mold onto worktop and gently lift mold away from the brick.
  15. Put the finished brick onto the pallet board
  16.  The raw brick should be kept to dry until moisture level is at around 5 %
  17. It is then ready to be cured in an oven (kiln.)

Group members: Nowshin, Rousan, Heba & Rich.

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