Brick Making Demonstration

Demonstration from Adam Wattrus (above)

We were taught how to throw a brick by Adam Wattrus. His demonstration was interesting as he had learned recently as well which made him conscious of many of the mistakes he had made when first starting so he gave good advice.

The process begins by covering the mold and the prep area in sand to lubricate the surfaces. The clay is then shaped by hand, two pieces being rolled and turned and slapped until the shape is right to throw. The clay is then thrown into the mold. It is important to use enough clay so that the mold is completely filled, A wire bow is used to trim off the excess clay. The brick is then removed from the mold, this involves tapping the mold against an edge whilst holding the brick in place with a piece of wood. the mold is then lifted off and the brick is ready for drying, then firing.

Ryan steed making his first Brick (above)

After the demonstration, members of the class attempted to recreate the process. This proved challenging but very successful.

Edward Revans

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