Make Do Facade: Display Iteration 1


We have now completed the first iteration for the display system. After a (virtual) discussion between artist, engineer (students) and gallery, the main points of discussion are:

  • To play with the contrast between the fragility/lightness of aluminium and the heavier gauge of the steel used for scaffolding poles.
  • The process needs to be contextualised for the gallery setting – make it more accessible for the viewer to understand the eventual purpose of the prototype.
  • Reference the techniques of 5 strokes to unify letters when developing a type face. How can it be applied to a display structure?
  • Our collaborative process is to shift to an alignment of ideas between artists and engineers  at a key point to observe any overlap and opportunities to proceed with.

Essentially, this means there will be two parallel lines of enquiry, with the artist and engineer focussing on their particular specialisms before drawing on a natural evolution of ideas. Not quite the inter-disciplinary approach we would normally take but it is one that works within the frameworks of academia and the gallery.

The display iterations are being exhibited as part of Eastside Project’s Production Show Phase 2  and will be added to until the start of the next phase in January 2017.

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