IMG_2432 editRecently, at St Edmunds we have been conducting a variety of activities from one to one tutorials, crits and teaching workshops. The above image shows an example of a 3 hour session teaching the students basic photoshop skills which will then be implemented within their individual projects. We started with an initial rendering exercise for approximately 2 hours, this project taught them the basic photoshop tools whilst rendering an image of the Farnsworth House from Sketchup which they can then use in their own work. This was followed by an exercise in rendering perspective drawings of furniture, part of the students course involves interior design and perspective drawings.

Overall, the sessions were successful and students have continued to try and use photoshop and Sketchup in other sessions and in their own time to improve the design quality and visual appearance of their work. We as mentors realised we needed to slow the pace of the lesson and individually check that each student was at the same point. We developed a range of teaching skills and were able to help develop the students work using inquiry-based learning (university level) as opposed to directed methods (A level standard).

Dhanesh, Adchana, John

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