Digital Fashion / Workshop 3 /Aron

In the third workshop we carried out a life drawing exercise similar to workshop one. We then further developed our drawings using architectural processes such as laser cutting.

Below are examples of the drawings I did in the workshop.


Working in the same groups that we did in the last workshop we selected two drawings that we could etch using the laser cutting machine. We chose one of my drawings (above left) and one done by another student in the group (shown below).

ceramic 600081

My drawing didn’t need to be edited or turned into a vector image because it was going to be engraved. However the other drawing needed to be vectorised so I used Vectorworks to create a line drawing that would be readable by the laser cutter.

2015-12-02 15.23 2015-12-02 15.04

12312444_10153624517306201_1937401684_n 2015-12-02 15

It was my first time using a laser cutting machine and I am really pleased with the outcome, I will definitely be using this resource in the future. In order to continue our collaboration with the fashion students we have set up facebook group so we can contact each other to work together and combine our knowledge or fashion and architecture.

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