Digital Fashion / Task 1 / Aron

For the first task I decided to explore the avenue of origami after being inspired by the geometric patterns formed in the garment below.

Screenshot (38)

Above – Hood With Sewn In Shape Memory (Material Revolution)

Sticking to the theme of triangles I searched the internet for more examples of origami used in fashion.


Above Left – Geometric Dresses by Amila Hrustic (2012)

Above Right – Suprematism Of Architecture by Yung Wong (2014)

My experimentation with origami lead me to create a series of small paper pyramids. I’m pleased with the outcome, it could be applied to a garment as either as a three dimensional logo or it could be used repeatedly to add dimension (similar to Geometric Dresses by Amilia Hrustic).

2015-12-04 22.51.50EHLBXP-ddy_OJbdZK5Eyj5O3TnSAZYnutgfqLUvPDKQ


Material Revolution: Sustainable and Multi-Purpose Materials for Design and Architecture




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