Aluminium Tectonics

In my studies in architecture to date there has been little opportunity to focus, explore and construct a fragment facade detail at 1:1 scale. Drawing a technical detail at a smaller scale is very different to the manufacture of a full scale prototype.

I believe this workshop will allow me to learn more about and understand details such as joining and develop my model making skills further. I think it will be exciting to worth this aluminium in innovative and explorative ways.

Ash and Lacy’s indroduction presentation gave me an insight into the work they are involved in, a range of façade systems; Lingrid system, freedom 1,2 and 3, simplicity system and plank system and a range of materials they use inducing, pure aluminium, ACM, rain screen system. The benefits were highlighted for each system and material options.

As a group we were invited around the workshops to understand the manufacturing processes which come after the CAD drawing phases including the CNC conversion and the various other forming machines that are enable to be complete. We looked at the location of where the nuts, bolts and washers were manufactured and assembled and where the assembly process of these aluminium structures took place on specially designed jigs.

This Co Lab choice has introduced me to a field of architectural design that I have not until this point had the chance to think about in much depth. This module will hopefully allow me to enter this specific field in the future as some later point in my architectural career and I will have some knowledge about the processes and the material choices involved. I believe that this Co Lab will allow me to create fascinating and innovative façade designs with the potential to incorporate other materials.

As a result of completing this module I would like to have designed a façade system that works well and is also aesthetically pleasing.

After the tour around Ash and Lacy’s workshop I have been keen to research precedents in order to find inspiration that may help spark a unique and creative design. This activity will also act as preparation for next week’s Co Lab lectures, I may need to also gain a better understanding of the processes I may need to follow in order to successfully produce a potential design proposal which is a technically sound façade system.

The precedent I have initially looked into is the Prada Aoyama by Herzog De Meuron although this project makes use of a curtaining walling system, aluminium plays a key part as it is one of the main structural materials used in an aesthetic pleasing way within the façade of the iconic building.


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