Co Lab: Malvern Outdoor Elements Precedent Study

On the 8th December we presented our feasibility scheme to the client. Prior to this final presentation we researched a number of different topics such as sustainability, materials, regulations, etc. and also looked into a number of different precedents. One precedent in particular that helped to inspire our design was the Passive Timber House in Austria by Juri Troy Architects as shown in the images below.



We took influence from many elements of the design. The main influence was the way in which the building cantilevers over the hill. On the site at Malvern Outdoor Elements we were faced with the challenge of having a sloped site. We wanted to design the building in a way that creates the possibility of utilising the space beneath the building which is what the Passive Timber House does. We therefore took inspiration from this idea and designed the building so that there was a high enough gap between the ground and the floor of the building to walk underneath.

Not only did we take influence from the cantilever of the building but also the fenestration used at the entrance. We wanted to play with light and the idea of blurring the interior and exterior to create a tree house atmosphere to intrigue and inspire the children. We played around with many ideas to blur the interior and exterior but we wanted to find a way of doing this whilst still abiding to safety regulations and creating a functional dining space. For these reasons we were inspired by the use of fenestration. It was a practical solution that created an area where the children could leave their muddy clothing and slowly integrate them into the dining hall area.

House-Under-the-Oaks-by-Juri-Troy-Architects_dezeen_6House-Under-the-Oaks-by-Juri-Troy-Architects_dezeen_7 (1)

Ellie Rowe

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