Development [After Formative Review]


After our presentation we needed to bring all of the successful elements of our idea together. Using our feedback from the assessment we created this idea above. On reflection of this piece we decided that it was extremely busy and had several strong ideas that were just thrown together.


Next we harshly stripped back our idea and tried to be as simplistic as possible. Each of us chose one aspect of the previous design that we believed that would be promising within our design and working with our lecturers we came up with a simple but effective idea. Here are some of our early sketches.


As we were progressing from the first image to the second, we had few disagreements. For a period of time, we were not communicating with each other and whenever we have a group meetup, there was a clash of schedule and not everyone could make it. As a result, we could not move forward making a final decision as a group. A few of us who could make it decided to step up and make a decision for us as a group as that was the only way to make a progress.

This upsets other member. We had to put it on the floor that in order for us to move forward, we could not wait for absent members.

Once again, we patched up our communication and was then able to progress to the final design stage for this project.

Looking back, this taught me that communication as a team is important. Not only that, it shows that being present and working as a team is key to ensure that progress is in it’s making according to our scheduled timeline.

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Author: Aqilah H

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