Aluminium Tectonics – How to curve aluminium – Gabriel Cristea

Curving the aluminium was quite a challenge to do; we faced quite some troubles while doing it, testing possibilities for how to curve it. In the end we ended up with only one solution for how this could be achieved, using a mould. We created two different moulds which could curve the aluminium sheet in the shape we wanted. Curving the aluminium can be done by hand (with a high risk of a weird curving), with clamps (which we actually used, high effort but good results), or finally, using a press. Unfortunately we did not use a press, but at a company level, this could be done much easier and faster to assure a good production.

We recorded the process of using the moulds, you can view it here (note that in the video the aluminium sheets are already cut to size): Link to the video

Also here you have some images for the process:

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