Aluminium Tectonics – Curved them all, now what? – Gabriel Cristea

Curving all the aluminium sheets was a little harder than we expected, simply because everything had to be done using strength, more exactly clamps. However, the process of curving them was over and then we ended up with 10 beautifully curved aluminium sheets (bottom image, middle one).

We fixed all the curved aluminium sheets on a pre-cut frame of 1.2m x 1m, using bolts. One bolt on the bottom and one at the top of each aluminium sheet was enough to fix it onto the wooden frame. The width of the frame is only of 4 inches, which is more than enough to support all the aluminium sheets.

You can view here again a video showing the process of curving the aluminium using the moulds: Link

You have here below few images of this step of the project.

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