Malvern Outdoor Elements approached Birmingham School of Architecture to produce a feasibility study for a live design project. This has provided unique opportunities for year 2 students to experience the initial stages of a project that may ultimately get built, and for year 5 students to get involved with the management side of a project, delegating tasks, engaging with the client and facilitating the development of a design informed by the entire group.

Malvern Outdoors Elements is a not-for profit organisation providing outdoor experiences for people of all ages and abilities. Based in the Malvern Hills in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the west midlands, Malvern outdoors features 9 acres of stunning woodlands with activities and challenges throughout the site. All profits are used to develop the site and enhance the experience for the visitors.

Malvern Outdoors has a series of timber buildings that have been in place since the opening of the facility. Although many of these buildings have stood up well against the tests of time, the dining hall facility has been highlighted as an immediate concern and plans need to be put in place for its replacement.

The initial stages of this project involved us travelling to the site and meeting with the client. The purpose of this visit allowed us to explore the site and understand the clients requirements for the project. After taking a tour around, we measured the existing building also including the surrounding site where the new proposal would be situated.



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